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Resolve to make a safe home in 2021

It’s essential to make sure home is a safe environment to protect the people and things that matter most. With many of us spending more time at home, that’s more crucial than ever. So, take advantage of the new year to reset your safety plan. Here are three simple ways to help you do just that:

Don’t pass on carbon monoxide detection.

The number one cause of accidental poisoning death in Canada is carbon monoxide (CO). This odourless, invisible gas can be given off by the most common gas appliances in your home or even a car in an attached garage. Affordable and easy-to-install CO alarms help protect your family from this dangerous gas. Most products simply plug into the wall and sound when gases are present at unhealthy levels.

New year, new batteries.

Use the start of each new year as an annual reminder to change the batteries in your smoke and CO alarms. Replace the batteries at least twice a year and test alarms regularly to ensure the units are functioning properly.

“Take battery replacement off your to-do list by upgrading to 10-year sealed battery alarms,” says Ashley Gocken, of First Alert, a leading fire safety brand. “Offering a decade of protection, these alarms eliminate late-night battery chirps and the risk of having an alarm deactivated due to battery removal.”

Regardless of the type of alarms installed, all units must be regularly tested and replaced every decade. Install smoke and CO alarms on every level and in every bedroom.

Plan and practice a safety drill.

In case of an emergency, you and your family need to know the fastest escape routes. Identify two ways out of each room, including windows and doors, and, if necessary, equip second-floor rooms with escape ladders. Designate a meeting spot away from the house and ensure everyone understands to call 911 once outside and wait until fire officials clear your home for safe reentry. Practice the emergency escape plan with your entire family, including pets, at least twice every year.

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