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Hauser’s Support Services is pleased to offer a variety of services

to help maintain independence and enhance the quality of daily living.

Experience the difference Hauser's makes
Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Personal Care
& Physical Assistance

  • Routine assistance, such as morning and evening routines to get ready for the day and prepare for bed.

  • Personal hygiene & oral care routines.

  • Washroom routine & incontinence assistance.

  • Bathing assistance, extra showers.

  • Assistance with transfers and repositioning, such as moving from the bed to a chair.

  • Dementia care routines, companionship, and engagement.

  • Assistance with home exercise routines.

  • Eating assistance.

  • Assistance with walking and getting around.

Let Hauser's be your partner in health.
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Your health?
Think Hauser's
Don't let bladder leaks get in the way of the good years.
Talk to us about our discreet incontinence support program.
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  • Offering a variety of high quality

  • Complimentary consultations to ensure selection of most suitable products

  • Enjoy regularly scheduled discrete deliveries to your home.

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Participate in the everyday activities that are important to you.
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